Glossary: Applet

October 28, 2008 by Mary Lutz · Leave a Comment 


An applet is a small program or application, which is usually written in Java, and runs on a Web browser. An applet powers some of the fancier features of Internet pages, such as animation. They download quickly and are used both online and offline. Applets can be scrolling text, buttons and such, but are also used for much larger things like games and word processors.

An applet can be embedded into a webpage and usually has several settings that will allow you to personalize it. For instance, if you insert an applet that will work as a menu, you can specify which options should be in the menu, and which pages should be loaded upon clicking on an option.

A great site to learn more about applets and how they work is Echo And, it’s a great site to visit if you’re new to the internet, blogging or just want to spruce up your internet savviness (that’s a word, right?).

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What’s Your Price for a Post?

October 28, 2008 by Kelly · 23 Comments 

What’s your price to give another site a little exposure on your blog?

I’m not referring to ‘review posts’ where you take the time to personally try out a product, then write a complete review about it.  I’m talking about simply posting a short blurb (150 words or so) and linking to an event or resource in order to give it some buzz and links from a relevant site.

What do you or would you charge for this sort of post?

Would you be interested in being on a list to receive notices about blogging opportunities for moms with family or craft related blogs?

Leave a comment and share :)

Glossary: Attachment

October 26, 2008 by Mary Lutz · Leave a Comment 


A file or group of files that is included with an e-mail message. You can attach files through most e-mail programs. To attach a file to an e-mail, simply click the “attach file” button or similar button.

Most e-mail programs I use have a cute little “paperclip” button for attaching files. Once you click that, a menu will open that allows you to browse through your computer to find the file or image that you’d like to attach.

Examples of things that would typically be attached to an email are:

  • Text documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Pictures
  • Videos (if the file size isn’t too big)

Some email program’s spam fighters may prevent attachments from being sent or downloaded for fear of a harmful virus so never open any attachment you receive from someone you do not know.

Blogging Mom, Get Your Gravatar On!

October 25, 2008 by Kelly · 19 Comments 

If you check out the comment area of Profitable Mommy Blogging (and many other great blogs) you’ll notice that the blog theme has been set up to display a photograph of the commenter.

Have you wondered how it is that they are able to do that and how the heck you can get your pic to show up when you leave a comment?

It’s done automatically with Gravatars.

A Gravatar is a ‘Globally Recognized Avatar’.  An Avatar is simply an image used to represent you on the internet.

I think having a Gravatar set up is great for developing your web presence.  I love seeing smiling faces in my comment section and I love know that the blogs I comment on will sport my face for everyone to see.

To create your own Gravatar you will start by getting a photograph of you saved on your computer.  Don’t worry about it being a headshot or and don’t be concerned about size.

Now to go to the Gravatars website.

You’ll create your account based on the email address you use when you’re leaving comments on blogs so enter that first.  You will receive an email from Gravatars to confirm this address.  The next step will be to set up a username and password and upload your photo.

Once your image is uploaded you’ll be able to crop your photo just the way you like - hit save and you’re done!  Now this image is associated with your email address and anytime you comment on a Gravatar enabled blog, you’ll see it next to your comment.

Why not try it out right now?  Show us your Gravatar!

Glossary: Affiliate

October 24, 2008 by Mary Lutz · 1 Comment 


Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular forms of business on the web, and an effective way to promote businesses and products. When you become an affiliate with a specific company, or affiliate program, you are awarded for every visitor, subscriber and/or customer that you provide to the company.

The basic set up, from the affiliate side, goes as follows:

  • You (the Affiliate) find a company or product that you would like to promote.
  • You join the “affiliate program” of the company and receive the tools by which you can send customers to the company’s website. This most often includes a special URL link, which will let the company know that the customer has come from you.
  • You will get credit when people visit the company’s website. Details can vary, but in most cases you receive a percentage of the revenue from sales that customers make from following your link.

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