Best Mom Blog Header Contest Phase One: Nominations

December 22, 2008 by Kelly · 46 Comments 

Don’t you just adore the creativity and expression that comes out of some of the cool blog header graphics on Mom Blogs? I do! I’m a graphic nut anyways so it’s to be expected ;)

Do you have any favorites?

Please share them - we’ll collect nominations in the comment section below until January 9th - then we’ll put together a master list ask the mom blogging community to vote for their all time favorite.

If your favorite has already been nominated you do not have to nominate them again - they’re in the list for Phase Two :)

And then what? Why, we’ll bless that mom blog with tons of links and traffic of course!

Oh - and Profitable Mommy Blogging will throw in a $100 cash prize ;)

Welcome Mom Bloggers! If you're new here, please subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting and please do share our site with others!

Being Paid to Blog by Shared Adsense Views

December 21, 2008 by Kelly · 6 Comments 

Moms, before you agree to accept ’shared adsense’ views as the sole source of your payment for the original content you provide a blog network or website - please consider the math.

About the Math:

How many page views do you really think you can get?

The publisher wants you to write and promote the content for them. By offering you a split on the adsense views they hope you’ll be motivated to do a lot of promotion.

The problem with this is that many mom bloggers split their attention among many of these shared ads opportunities. They are splitting their promotional efforts as well and none of their content is getting a lot of attention overall so there’s little income. Read more

Mommy Blogger Call To Action: Toys for Tots

December 20, 2008 by Kelly · Leave a Comment 

Mom blogger Jen Knox has posted a great ‘call to action’ for other mom bloggers on her Automatic Moms blog.  It’s all about the Toys for Tots campaign.

With just a few days left before Christmas there isn’t a lot of time to act - so the time is definitely right now :)

Please read her post and help to spread the word through your mom blogs and social networks.

Earn a $25 Tip: Can a Mom Blogger Grow Into a Community Manager?

December 20, 2008 by Kelly · 8 Comments 

Sure she can - given the right bundle of talents :) The big questions is, what are those talents? What unique combination of social skill, writing ability and marketing acumen makes someone perfect?

What do you think those talents are? What makes a great Community Manager?

What tips would you give a Mom Blogger who wants to make that jump?

Share your tips in the comment section between now and Monday the 21st at Noon Eastern and we’ll draw one tipsters name for a $25.00 PayPal cash prize :) (Make sure you use a valid email!)

PS… If you dream of being hired by a company to act as a full time Community Manager you should listen to this archived episode of Work at Home Moms Talk Radio. I interviewed Blog Talk Radio Community Manager Deb Ng.

Update: Carrie Lauth won the $25 Tip :) Thanks to all of our Tipsters!

Learning From Those Who Have Been There

December 19, 2008 by Alaina Frederick · Leave a Comment 

As a mother you know that glazed look your friends with no children get when you talk about your trials with potty training, latest place you found peanut butter (and it wasn’t in the kitchen), and how you would never trade in your life with kids for hers. Its a familiar glazed look cause you have had it yourself and now you know when you need to know how to get gum out of hair you will consult other parents that have been there.

It’s the same in the business world, and blogging can be a business. Just read through some of the posts here at Profitable Mommy Blogging and listen to the podcasts and you will understand that there is more to this then just typing and a nice looking blog.

So where do you go to ask for help in the business world? Me- I choose to consult upon the amazing brain power at Mom Masterminds. When I say brain power- I mean it. Some of the biggest names of work at home moms are Mastermind Graduates. Read more

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