A Blogging Tool comes to an End

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A Blogging Tool Comes To An End

November 16, 2008 by Alaina Frederick

Some of you have heard by now that BlogRush is shutting down, others may be like me and had never heard of BlogRush until people started talking about its sudden end.

So what is BlogRush (…or should I say what was BlogRush)? In order to answer this question I had to do a little digging and I came across a older post that explained what I needed to know! Here are some of the highlights

“…Blogrush was developed by famed internet marketer, John Reese. It’s a simple and direct to the point widget. Nothing fancy, just a plain blog promotion tool.”

Seems totally awesome- right?

Well then I continued reading on and became confused and wondering how a little ole’ blog like mine could really get some traffic from this type of tool. Especially if it is pulling posts from all kinds of blogs then would I be helping to promote my own competitor sites.

This is how it was explained

“…Its usage is simple, you have to install the widget in your blog with which links to other blogs will be displayed while blogrush installed in other blogs would display links to yours. Each pageview your blog generates is converted into credit which will then be used to blast your links to other blogrush accounts. So the more popular your blog is, the more the chances you get of being linked. ” Mariella – WritersSpace.net

I really don’t know how ’simple’ that may seem to you but it did answer my worry as to promoting competitor sites. In the software you are able to set ‘filters’ of the content you want to be shown. It really boils down to how popular your blog is as to how much it will be shown on other blogs that have the BlogRush plugin. So if you want to become popular I’m not sure how much that would help you.

In all my blog reading and visiting of sites I have to say I do not recall ever seeing a widget like this on a site. If I did I know I never clicked on it. So I asked around (a.k.a. tweeted) to see what others thought about this.

“Yes, I did use BlogRush and honestly speaking it worked pretty good for me.” @reginabaker

“I’ve never used Rush, but everybody that I know who has took the widget down. Slows load time and they saw maybe 1 hit per month.” @burghbaby

So some liked- others not so much. I will never know if it would have helped me as I came to the pass just a tad too late. However, it’s still interesting to learn of new/old blogging tools created to help us out… one click at a time!

BlogRush Is Shutting Down – direct from John Reese himself

Now I want to hear from you

Have you ever heard of BlogRush before?
If so, did you use it?
How did it work for you or not work?

For those of you that had it running on your sites and had to remove it- do you miss it?

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