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Introducing Alaina Frederick

by Alaina Frederick on October 18, 2008

Hello! My name is Alaina Frederick and I am another new blogger here at Profitable Mommy Blogging. I am a mother to three boys and have had an interesting journey to mommy blogging.

Almost five years ago I decided to quit my corporate banking job to be home with my first born. The first months were spent adjusting to motherhood and not having a set schedule of any kind. As trying as new parenthood can be I wanted more- I needed to keep my brain active on a different level. I tried my hand at direct sales, three different companies to be exact. After valuable time and financial resources I came to the conclusion that it was just not for me. Then we moved from our small rural town to a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. – vastly different in lifestyle and cost-of-living. I began researching ways for us to save money so that I could continue being home with my kids- what I found was a whole work at home world and cloth diapers (yes, you read right!).

I started a online boutique selling many different natural parenting products. After two years of working on growing my boutique both online and within my local community I joined my peers at the Business and Learning Expo. During this expo I learned so much that my brain was on overload for at least two weeks! Many of the speakers talked of blogging and it’s importance to any business, so one night after the expo I installed the WordPress program onto my site. I am self-taught in all that I know how to do, proving you do not need any professional training. After just a few months of starting the blog to accompany the retail store I soon realized I could make more money in less time blogging then the store. I moved my inventory out, passed my mailing supplies onto another local business, and haven’t looked back. How else can I earn income from jabbering away in my pajamas from home? I have yet to find something as fun, profitable and satisfying as mommy blogging!

Currently, I am furthering my skills and knowledge with the wonderful ladies over at Blog Evangelists, starting a company to help local businesses get started, and about to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of my natural parenting blog. As I grow from my own experiences and those already ‘experts’ in the field, I hope to share with you what worked for me and for others.

Here’s to our journey together!

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