An interview with a blogging newbie

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An Interview With A Blogging Newbie

by Alaina Frederick on October 21, 2008

Last night I met with my friend, Bernadette Dourlain and her 8-year old daughter Cordey, at the local Panera Bread.

Berni has heard me talk of blogging, WordPress, search engine ranking- you name it. She wanted to pick my brain on how she could add ’something’ to her Tomboy Tools website so that she could share home project tips and advice. So of course I wanted to share with her all she could do with a blog to help her business grow.

Before she could ask me questions I was ready with a list of seven questions to see what she knew of blogging and how it could help her accomplish her goals. Here is our conversation (minus a few off topic jabbering as you would find with friends):

Alaina: What is a blog?

Berni“Honestly I’m not sure. I think it’s where you can tell things to the world…It looks interesting… I don’t understand the networking- I want to understand that’s why I’m talking to you!”

Cordey“Oh I know what a blog is! Um……… It’s where you put pictures and stuff and it tells about you and stuff…..ummmmm”

Alaina: What do you think blogs are used for?

Berni“Communicating and networking?”


Alaina: What are ways you can make money with blogs?

Berni“I have yet to figure that out! It helps increase your ranking in search engines? I know you can do advertising on them like the google stuff but a lot don’t always do that.”

Alaina: Who uses blogs?


Cordey“Except for children!”

Alaina: Why are you interested in a blog?

Berni“I started a couple and I have no clue what I’m doing, but I know it can help me somehow.”

Alaina: How do you think it will help you?

Berni“If I had a really good blog I could probably increase the interest in the Tomboy Tools. I’d like to post fun things, environmental solutions using the tools and give ideas on home projects. So it would give me a way to share these things and perhaps get sales. I also want to have one to help people with Access/Excel. I love to help and I’m really good with those programs.”


Alaina: What concerns do you have about blogging?

Berni: “I want to make sure that if I go through the trouble of setting up a blog that if anyone is making money it’s me. How do I get people interested in the blog- like how do they know it’s there…….How do you make them look nice? How do you even post things on there and do the pictures and stuff……However else you make money with them I don’t understand that….”

She brought up a lot of interesting questions about blogging in general. In our next meeting we will begin to pick some of her concerns apart and help her to understand what exactly is a blog and how it can truly do all the things she is wanting to accomplish.

Stay tuned for our follow up meeting!


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