Are we burned out on Guest Blogging

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Are We Burned Out On Guest Blogging?

December 17, 2008 by Kelly

I have a few different guest blogging opportunities on my network that offer an excellent back link from established sites – yet lately I have few takers. Why is that?

A year ago it was considered quite an honor to be invited to write a guest post on someone else’s blog. Have guest blogging opportunities grown at such a rate that we’re all burned out on it?

If the answer is yes I think it’s a shame.

A one way link from an established, relevant website is valuable and guest blogging continues to be a great way to build a fresh, relevant link to your site.

I think guest blogging should still be given a relatively high priority in your marketing plan. Plan out a regular schedule on multiple blogs and use your guest posts to target links to important internal pages of your website.

Always keep an eye out for a new guest blogging opportunity – you want fresh links from new places to advance your overall authority on the web.

Question: Do you guest blog? Will you now?

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