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Can This Mommy Blogger Stretch?

October 20, 2008 by Alaina Frederick

If you are here learning about the new tools and tricks to help you monetize your blog then you’ve heard of the term ‘Mommy Blogger’ and probably consider yourself in this category. Have you heard of ‘Niche Blogger’? In a recent post by Lynn Terry at Click Newz she recapped her time at BlissDom ‘O8. Sure, it was a recap of events, but I got so much more out of it.

The Mommy Bloggers that Lynn spoke with all mentioned they’d be happy getting $500 a month to compensate their time and resources blogging. Wow! $500 just for talking about things you are willing to talk about anyway- doing something that you are passionate about. Seems like a lot right?

Wrong. Lynn thought many of these women could be making upwards of $5,000 a month. Yes, that is five thousand dollars a month for doing what you love. Why couldn’t these woman see the possibilities? Were they too concerned in their label- Mommy Blogger- hiding behind the stories of diapers, crayons, and juice boxes?

Oh, how I wish I could have been there in the wee hours talking with Lynn, picking her brain. I’d love to be making more than $500 a month. I know I have been hiding behind the protective walls of Mommy Blogger. It’s easy to say I’m a Mommy Blogger but to have to sit and actually think about where my other niche may be- that takes work, that asks me to leave the comfort zone. How far am I willing to go? Lynn was looking from the outside in, she could see all they needed to do was take from their passion and their vast variety of backgrounds and carve themselves away from the pack of Mommy Blogger and become a “Niche Blogger”.

If you watched the video Lynn has of her interview with popular Mommy Blogger, Lizzie Keiper, you may be wondering the same thing as I am. Am I going to be selling out? Am I using my readers? I have more than one blog and one of them is very personal more of a way to connect with family afar. What if I changed this one around a little and monetized it- would I be using the readers? I really like what Lizzie had to say about this fine line between passion and pay-

“It’s all about staying true to yourself, and to your vision.” Where does this line fall for you? Have you found your passion? Have you chipped yourself away from the pack? After you answer my questions make sure you sign up for Lynn’s notices on the upcoming free webinar series taking you from personal blogger to professional.

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