De-clutter Your Blog

January 11, 2009 by April · 1 Comment 

Have you ever visited a blog and been overwhelmed with buttons and badges and links? Or (here’s a huge pet peeve for a lot of people) scrambled quickly for the little X in the corner because you couldn’t figure out how to turn the music off?

Its tempting when you first start blogging to add all of those pretty buttons and audio players but it can quickly turn into clutter. Once you end up with too much stuff on your blog, not only does it detract from your blog’s content section, it also takes up valuable real estate on your blog that you could be using to sell as advertising space or promoting products as an affiliate. Read more

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Marketing Your Blog

December 2, 2008 by April · 1 Comment 

Whether you’re selling ad space, using Google Adsense, or promoting affiliate links, you’re not going to make much money from them unless you have one key element: traffic. When you increase your traffic, your ads and links are worth more.

So how do I get more traffic to my blog?

Aside from SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the best way to bring more readers to your blog is to promote by networking and marketing.

Jessica Smith recently published a series entitled “15 Days of Marketing” on her blog at that walks you through various aspects and methods of blog marketing. Each day provides helpful suggestions for both bloggers and entrepreneurs. The lessons conclude with homework assignments to motivate you into taking action rather than just reading. Read more

MomForce: Have you signed up?

November 20, 2008 by April · 3 Comments 

I was planning on giving Mom Force some time to see how it was going before I wrote about it here at PMB but in the first 2 days since it launched, two Moms have already been hired! Wanna take a guess who one of those moms is? ME

I’m very excited not only about this opportunity but also my upcoming interview with Jessica Smith of JessicaKnows who is the force behind MomForce. But before I let Jessica tell you more about MomForce, I wanted to share my experience with you. Read more

Give it away now!

November 6, 2008 by April · Leave a Comment 

One of my favorite things in the world of blogging is giveaways. I like hosting them and I like entering them. (Of course, I like it even more when I win them.)

Hosting a giveaway is a great way to bring more traffic to your blog, especially if you submit it to directories such as Mom Giveaways or Prizey. Obviously most readers will enjoy having the opportunity to win something just for leaving a comment on your blog. Its also a good idea to encourage discussion by asking your readers to do more than just leave a comment. For example, if you’re giving away clothing, ask them to visit the sponsor’s site, find their favorite item and include that in their comment. Or ask them to leave a story or suggestion relating to the product, like a cooking tip or one their own kitchen disaster anecdotes for a food related giveaway.

Hosting giveaways are very popular and the added traffic may bring some more opportunities your way. But don’t forget about entering giveaways too. Not only will you be leaving a link to your blog when you enter, you might even win the giveaway and gain even more exposure. I had been blogging for a while before I started my VA business and I subscribed to several other blogs. Read more

April Interviews Michael Martine of “Remarkablogger”

November 4, 2008 by April · 3 Comments 

If you’ve been hanging around in the blogging world for a while, you probably have a few favorite blogs and there may be some professional bloggers who you admire. I can think of at least six just off the top of my head. If one of those six bloggers recommends a product or shares some advice, I am more likely to act on their suggestions because I trust them and I value their opinions.

One of these six bloggers is Michael Martine of Remarkablogger. Michael has made a career out of blogging and even provides coaching and consultations to aspiring pro bloggers. I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with Michael on Twitter and he was gracious enough to agree to answering a few questions for me about profitable blogging. I’m very excited to be able to share his responses here with you.

April: Michael, for our readers who are not familiar with ‘Remarkablogger’, can you tell me just a little about your blogging experience, such as when you started blogging, how you started making money from blogging, and what kinds of topics you cover at Remarkablogger?

Michael Martine: I started blogging in 1999 or 2000 on Blogger, and I simply loved it. I had a personal blog and nobody was really monetizing their own blogs back then. I had a web design business and an unrelated blog. Google AdSense changed everything. It really kicked off a revolution: anybody could make money simply by slapping some ads on their blogs, easy-peasy. I had a video blog (which no longer exists) that was getting great traffic as a result of being on Blogger’s “buzz” list for 3 weeks. I put ads on it and began to learn about ad optimization. At one point, that blog made about $400 a month. Read more

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