Interview with Mom 2.0 Summit Attendee, Misty Khan

February 28, 2009 by Stephanie · Leave a Comment 

I recently recommended 3 ways you can learn from a blog conference without leaving home. Well, I’d like to add a fourth way to that list.

Interview people who attended the conference.

Misty Khan attended Friday’s sessions of Mom 2.0 Summit and has graciously agreed to be interviewed for Profitable Mommy Blogging.

Read the interview: Read more

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Consistent Branding: A 5 Point Check List

February 27, 2009 by Stephanie · 2 Comments 

Keeping your brand in mind as you build your on-line reputation you will make it easier for readers, promoters and advertisers to find you. Instant recognition is to your benefit!.

Here are 5 ways to maintain a consistent blog and social media brand.

1. Use the same avatar on your blog, email signature, Twitter profile, and other social media sites.
2. Use an avatar that matches a design element on your blog or is a fairly recent picture of yourself.
3. Leave comments with your first name and blog name.
4. Match your Twitter username to your blog title.
5. Keep major design elements the same when you update the look of your blog.

For more ideas on consistent blog branding watch this video by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.

Links to Free Twitter Skins

February 26, 2009 by Stephanie · 2 Comments 

Are you tired of the standard Twitter backgrounds but can’t afford to buy a customized skin right now?

Well, I am thrilled to tell you I found some FREE Twitter skins you can download!

  • Split Decisionz has 7 background images or skins.
  • has 48 background images and a How-to Manual to guide you through the process of downloading/uploading.
  • Twitter Patterns has several pages of skins.

And just in case none of those appeal to you visit Twitter Designer and try your hand at designing your own Twitter background.

Use Google Calendar to Keep Track of Blog Carnivals

February 26, 2009 by Stephanie · Leave a Comment 

One of the staples of Mommy Blogging is carnivals. Carnivals are fun. They can bring both quantity and quality traffic to your blog. And depending on the carnival, they can provide easy inspiration for post content.

I used to have a hard time remembering when specific carnivals were held. I would find a fun carnival and think “Ooh! I want to participate in that!” Then I would forget all about it until I stumbled across it again the next week or next month. Well, no more forgetting carnivals for me!

The solution to my faulty memory has been to use Google Calendar.

Just create an event for the carnival you want to remember.

Here is an example of a carnival I participate in each month. It is called “What’s On Your Nightstand,” is found at 5 Minutes for Books and repeats the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Do you have a faulty memory like I do? How do you keep track of Blog Carnivals and other Blog Events?

3 Ways to Learn from a Blog Conference Without Leaving Home

February 25, 2009 by Stephanie · 1 Comment 

Did you attend Blissdom or Mom 2.0 Summit? No? Me neither. I wanted to go but just couldn’t swing it. Instead, I discovered 3 ways to learn from a blog conference without leaving home.

Buy the Audio & Transcripts

You can secure copies of the session after the conference wraps up. You can purchase the entire Blissdom conference for $75 or buy individual sessions for $15. That’s much cheaper than plane tickets and hotel rooms! Read more

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