Being paid to blog by shared ad sense views

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Being Paid to Blog by Shared Adsense Views

December 21, 2008 by Kelly

Moms, before you agree to accept ’shared ad sense’ views as the sole source of your payment for the original content you provide a blog network or website – please consider the math.

About the Math:

How many page views do you really think you can get?

The publisher wants you to write and promote the content for them. By offering you a split on the adsense views they hope you’ll be motivated to do a lot of promotion.

The problem with this is that many mom bloggers split their attention among many of these shared ads opportunities. They are splitting their promotional efforts as well and none of their content is getting a lot of attention overall so there’s little income.

Get Specific About Numbers

I tracked one of my websites that earns a steady, modest income with Google Adsense for 12 months and have found that homemaking topics seem to earn an average of one penny per page view.

Naturally this isn’t scientific – other sites may see different results depending on ad unit placement, how targeted the traffic is, etc.

If this is indeed indicative of overall Google AdSense profitability when applied to homemaking topics – you will need 1000 page views to earn $10 from one page of content. Split that with your publisher and you can expect to earn about $5 for every 1000 page views. (Maybe! There are no guarantees.)

Now consider how hard you will have to work for those 1000 page views. When was the last time that ANY of your blog posts received that many views?

Who Really Wins?

If a publisher can get enough participants for these programs they can ‘win’ based on sheer volume but there’s little profit in it for the individual bloggers.

I personally can’t understand why so many mom bloggers are doing it. Why write all that great content for someone else? Why not just devote your time and attention to building your own blog where you can earn 100% of the profits?

I also find it a little odd that publishers advertise opportunities like this as ‘Blogging Jobs’. That reminds me of those ads in the paper that advertise a job, but when you call you find out they are offering you an opportunity to stump their business for commission only. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

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