Best Mom Blog Header Contest Phase Two Voting

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Best Mom Blog Header Contest Phase Two: Voting

January 12, 2009 by Kelly

It’s time for Phase Two of our Best Mom Blog Header Contest!

Our Winner will receive $100 in PayPal Cash!

We accepted nominations in Phase One for over three weeks and have an admirable list of unique and creative Mom Blogs for your review.

Please visit these blogs and then come back here to Profitable Mommy Blogging to cast a vote for your favorite Mom Blog Header.

The Nominees:

  1. The Lil Mommy that Could (Susan)
  2. Mom Prime Years (Sharon McMillan)
  3. Casual Friday Everyday (Nell Taliercio)
  4. Laurie Ayers, Uncensored (Laurie Ayers)
  5. Ohana Mama Blog (Sarah)
  6. Random Thoughts from a Random Mommy (Melissa)
  7. Crafty Mama of 4 (Kim)
  8. San Diego Mommy Spot (Nicole)
  9. Tara Burner (Tara Burner)
  10. Penny Pinching Diva (Shynea)
  11. Three Boys One Mommy
  12. My Life – A Work in Progress (Christie)
  13. Mrs. Fussypants (Allison)
  14. Accidental Mommies (Kim & Lori)
  15. Mom Dot (Bridgette, Trisha, Alicia)
  16. Feels Like Home (Tara)
  17. Riding with No Hands (Mariana)
  18. Elementary Spirits (Barb)
  19. Posh Point of View (Jen)
  20. Because I Must Blog
  21. Up North Mommy (Kim)
  22. Boss Sanders
  23. Secret Agent Josephine
  24. Julie’s Journal (Julie)
  25. Mom on the Run (Janice)
  26. I’m an Organizing Junkie (Laura)
  27. Gearhead Mom (Missy)
  28. Apron Strings a Flutter (Nicole)
  29. Double Twinz (Kris)
  30. Her Bad Mother
  31. A Busy Mom on the Go (Jen)
  32. I’m an Optimistic Beauty (Jaime)
  33. To Think is To Create ( Ariane)
  34. The Menu Mom (Christine)
  35. Catch the Drift with Mama Snow (Tasha)

To Place Your Vote:

Please leave a comment below with the NUMBER found next to your Mom Blog Header of choice. (For example: “My vote goes to #29″)

Of course, we encourage you to share what it is that you love about the blog header you vote for.

We accept one vote per unique individual.

After you make your vote – please feel free to campaign for your favorite by tweeting and inviting others to come and place their vote as well.

Voting will continue until midnight, January 31st.

Please note: A few nominations were not ‘Mom Blogs’ and not included in Phase Two.

Update: Voting is Closed, We are Tabulating!

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