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October 23, 2008 by April · 3 Comments 

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In my last post about Twitter, I mentioned some Twitter tools that would help you get the most out of using Twitter to promote your blog. There are a lot of different Twitter-related websites and services and the list grows longer every day. I even received an invitation to Twitters Anonymous this morning. I sure hope someone wasn’t trying to tell me something!

The first type of Twitter tool I want to mention is the Twitter client which basically means a program you can use to access Twitter in ways other than going to Two of the most popular are Twhirl and TweetDeck, both of which use the Adobe Air platform.

The advantage of using a Twitter client is that you can access it from your desktop without having your web browser open. They update automatically so that you’re not constantly having to refresh. It will also notify you when there are new tweets or DMs (direct messages) by either a sound or a pop-up or sometimes both. Read more


October 14, 2008 by April · 6 Comments 

Hopefully you’ve at least heard of Twitter by now and you may already have an account. But have you thought about how you can use Twitter to promote your blog?

First, let’s back up a little just in case you haven’t heard of Twitter. Twitter is one of the many (and I mean MANY) social networking or social media services. Think of it as instant messaging with hundreds of people at once. Better yet, since you can only send messages that are 140 characters or less, its more like texting with hundreds of people. The basic concept of Twitter can be seen in the little box where you enter your text. Twitter asks “What are you doing?”

There are two components of “social media” - the social part and the media part. Unlike standard media (print, radio, TV), Twitter and other social media services involve conversation and interaction with your audience. In this case, your audience consists of the people who are following you because those people will see your updates.

This is where blog promoting comes into play. Read more

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