Glossary: Double Opt-In

February 10, 2009 by Mary Lutz · 2 Comments 

I’m sure most of you, as mom bloggers, have “opted-in” at one time or another when you requested materials from a website or other blog.

The basic process is as follows:

  • A potential customer requests information from a website and is asked to confirm that they want the information to come to their e-mail address.
  • The potential customer then receives a confirmation e-mail in their inbox. This e-mail requires them to click on a verification link to receive further information.

Once the verification is received, the potential customer will receive the future messages from the mailing list, e-course or autoresponder series.

If you are a mom blogger that sells informative eBooks, eCourses or other material, using the Double Opt-in technique ensures that a potential customer actually wants to receive the marketing materials you’re sending them. It is a way to prevent unwanted spam and your customers will appreciate it!

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Glossary: Download

February 5, 2009 by Mary Lutz · Leave a Comment 

Downloading is one of the most highly used functions of the Internet. Many programs, files and documents are available for downloading from the Internet.

The basic definition of Download is: The act of transferring a file or files from one computer to yours, using the Internet.

The opposite of download is upload (ya think?). When you upload a file or files, you are transferring them from your computer to another. When I first started using the Internet, these two terms were quite confusing to me. They seemed backwards, but once you get these two terms straight, you will be an Internet wizard. Well, okay, you might need to learn a few more things before you’re a wizard, but you will be much further ahead in your knowledge of Internet and computer terminology.

There are a few basic methods of downloading from the Internet. You can download directly from a website or an FTP site. (FTP is a term we will learn a little later down the road.) You can also download from e-mail attachments, although it is highly recommended that you do not download e-mail attachments from unknown sources as they may contain harmful viruses.

As you begin to use the Internet regularly, building your mom blog or web site, the term download will become part of your everyday language and probably part of your everyday life.

Glossary: Domain Name

January 27, 2009 by Mary Lutz · Leave a Comment 

Before I became familiar with the term Domain Name, I was confused to what it was exactly. As a matter of fact a lot of the Internet terms were confusing, which is exactly why we created the glossary of Internet terms! But Domain Name is one term that you will use over and over and therefore you should understand what it is and why it’s important!

The domain name is the text name that covers up the numeric IP address of a computer that is hooked up to the Internet. Huh? Basically, a Domain Name is the address or URL of a particular website. For example is the domain name for the Google search engine. Read more


January 25, 2009 by Mary Lutz · Leave a Comment ( is a social book marking site. It is for storing and sharing web bookmarks with other users. The service is completely free and relatively new. first came online in late 2003.

Everything that is posted on is viewable by the public, although you can choose to make specific bookmarks private. Bookmarks are publicly viewable for a purpose. Many people use to publish links to their personal or business blogs. You can use the interface to keep links to your favorite articles, blogs, music etc. You can also share your favorites with anyone who has an e-mail address. also has a search function that allows you to explore what others are book marking, and find other websites that are related to your interests. can be a great tool for mom bloggers because when you bookmark your blog publically it then becomes more visible for people to find on the web. You can also explore other blogs that may spark an idea for a topic on your blog.

The toolbar is compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and other popular internet browsers. However I have found it not to be compatible using Google Chrome, yet.

Glossary: Copywriting

January 5, 2009 by Mary Lutz · Leave a Comment 

The main purpose of copywriting is to persuade the reader to act somehow, whether that is buying a product, signing up for an e-course or clicking on a link. It is the process of writing words to promote a business, person, opinion or idea. Copywriting can include plain text messages and a variety of other online media.

Copywriting for website placement involves the strategic repetition of keywords phrases within articles and refer to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods that are used to achieve higher rankings in search engines. This type of copywriting is often referred to as content writing.

The expert on copywriting is Alice Seba, Internet Marketing Sweetie. Pick up her eCourse Copywriting Sweetie Course today!

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