Why Wouldn’t You Want to Make Money?

February 11, 2009 by Kelly · 9 Comments 

If you write your blog for fun - have fun :)

But do you realize that you could be having fun and making money?

It’s true.

I’m having fun right now :)  Seriously!

And - I’m definitely making money.

I haven’t sold out - I don’t take one single penny from any advertiser or affiliate program that I don’t have full confidence in.

See, I have a rule - and it goes like this:

If I wouldn’t recommend it to my sister,
I won’t recommend it to you.
And I Love My Sister!

I’ve turned down tens of thousands of dollars in advertising over the years from companies and programs who offer products I don’t believe are good for my listeners.  I’ll sell no ad at all before I’ll sell one pixel on my website that would be an embarrassment to me.

It is possible to pursue an income with your interests and passions without compromising your message and values.

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Being Paid to Blog by Shared Adsense Views

December 21, 2008 by Kelly · 6 Comments 

Moms, before you agree to accept ’shared adsense’ views as the sole source of your payment for the original content you provide a blog network or website - please consider the math.

About the Math:

How many page views do you really think you can get?

The publisher wants you to write and promote the content for them. By offering you a split on the adsense views they hope you’ll be motivated to do a lot of promotion.

The problem with this is that many mom bloggers split their attention among many of these shared ads opportunities. They are splitting their promotional efforts as well and none of their content is getting a lot of attention overall so there’s little income. Read more

Earn a $25 Tip: Can a Mom Blogger Grow Into a Community Manager?

December 20, 2008 by Kelly · 8 Comments 

Sure she can - given the right bundle of talents :) The big questions is, what are those talents? What unique combination of social skill, writing ability and marketing acumen makes someone perfect?

What do you think those talents are? What makes a great Community Manager?

What tips would you give a Mom Blogger who wants to make that jump?

Share your tips in the comment section between now and Monday the 21st at Noon Eastern and we’ll draw one tipsters name for a $25.00 PayPal cash prize :) (Make sure you use a valid email!)

PS… If you dream of being hired by a company to act as a full time Community Manager you should listen to this archived episode of Work at Home Moms Talk Radio. I interviewed Blog Talk Radio Community Manager Deb Ng.

Update: Carrie Lauth won the $25 Tip :) Thanks to all of our Tipsters!

Can I Make Money From My Mom Blog?

December 17, 2008 by Kelly · 1 Comment 

A mom blogger asked me a question yesterday and I asked permission to respond to her question here on the blog.  I’m glad she said yes because I’m certain that a LOT of mom bloggers have the same question:

I currently blog about my lessons with motherhood, I realized that so many other women were able to relate and thus I decided to create a blog.  I have been told my blog is great, but traffic is low.  I’ve been told you can make money from your blog.  Is this expectation realistic?

That my blogging friend would depend a great deal on what you expect ;)

I think you’re really asking me if a garden variety mom blogger make a full time income writing about mommy things?

What a tough question!  Of course there are three answers.

Answer #1: Yes. Definitely.  Some are doing it.  They have gargantuan traffic and a wide variety of income streams related to their blogging activity.  I doubt that any two really successful mom bloggers are making money exactly the same way.

Answer #2: No. Forget about it.  The vast majority of mom bloggers are out there writing their fingers off and not making even a tiny reliable wage for their time.  If you just want to blog for the fun of it - do it.  But if you’re hoping that you can tell cutesy stories about your kids everyday and make a bunch of money, that isn’t likely.

Answer #3: Possibly. If you do things right - if you become a marketer and not just a blogger - you could  earn an income from your blog.  The size of that income will relate directly to the size of your readership and your ability to market to them.

Readers, how would you answer this question?  Do you agree with my three answers above?  What would you add?

Do You Disclose?

December 16, 2008 by Kelly · 3 Comments 

I just created a disclosure policy for Profitable Mommy Blogging.  The blogging powers that be (whoever they are) say that having a disclosure policy is the right thing to do.

Why Disclose?

The idea is to be totally up front about the fact that you’re trying to profit from the content you share on your blog.  (Or to proclaim that you’re not trying to.)  By being transparent about your motivations, readers can make a smart decision about how you may be influenced by your desire to make money and whether they should trust what you say about products, services and people that you have a business relationship with.

I used DisclosurePolicy.org to create my policy - but maybe I should write my own original disclosure policy?

It would go something like this:

I like to write for free but I also like to pay my bills so sometimes I write for pay - but I promise you three things. I won’t say I like something I don’t,  I won’t say I like someone I don’t and I won’t say I used something I haven’t.  Any opinions shared on Profitable Mommy Blogging (good, bad or just plain aggravating) are those of the individual writers no matter who gets paid what.

What do you think?

Do you have a disclosure policy?  Why or why not?

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