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January 27, 2009 by Kelly · Leave a Comment 

Are you new to the idea of blogging?  This free “So You Want To Be A  Mommy Blogger” Report is made just for you.  With a simple introduction to blogging, mom blogger profiles and ideas for growing your blog traffic, it’s perfect for a blogging newcomer.

Grab your copy for free right now. (PDF - Right Click to Save)

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Share a Tip: Do You Get Jealous Of Other Mom Bloggers?

January 17, 2009 by Kelly · 21 Comments 

I received a very compelling email today and I’m going to use it as our next ‘Tip’ gathering opportunity.


Our reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, asks this:

“Kelly, I was listening to this week’s episode of Profitable Mommy Blogging and while I really enjoyed the content, I was actually left feeling sort of down. It’s obvious that the mom you interviewed is a really successful mom blogger. I see mom bloggers like her who reach thousands of readers every day and I get more than a little jealous. I know that’s dumb but I can’t help it. I feel like I work so hard and see little results. How do I get past the jealousy? It almost makes me want to quit.”

She’s referring to my interview with Jennifer James of Mom Bloggers Club. Jennifer is a successful mom blogger and I think a lot of other mom bloggers are looking up to her so I totally understand.

Admiring someone and aspiring to their level of success is great. I think it’s easy to slip past that into a touch of jealousy - but it sounds like this reader realizes that she’s got a serious bite from the green eyed monster.

Do you have some advice for her?

If you have experienced blogger jealousy, how did you deal with it?

We’ll keep the post open for tips and advice until Monday at midnight.

As always, we’ll choose one tipster at random for a $25.00 PayPal thank you :)

Edited to add: Congratulations Erin, winner of our $25 tip!

Content is Key

December 8, 2008 by Chris Perry · Leave a Comment 

If you just started a Blog with me last month you have probably realized that you can’t begin to look at your new creation as a potential income source until it has two things: quality content and an audience. Acquiring both of these things takes work and time. Before you devote much of either to traffic and audience building, it is best to develop enough content to make your Blog worthy of the readers you seek.

In her post, The Importance of Consistent Posts, fellow Profitable Mommy Blogger, Merry, indicated that the key to the success of any Blog is providing fresh content on a regular basis. She joins the chorus of successful Bloggers who suggest that three times a week is a good goal for a beginning Blogger to set. Read more

Mom Blogger Alaina Celebrates One Year Anniversary

December 8, 2008 by Kelly · Leave a Comment 

Profitable Mommy Blogging Contributer Alaina Frederick is the mommy behind Dinker and Giggles which is celebrating it’s first anniversary with a big contest giveaway.

I asked Alaina if I could ask her a few questions :)

Alaina, you are celebrating your one year blog anniversary, what made you decide to have a celebration about this?

There was actually two reasons- One it’s a big deal for a website to make it 6 months let alone 12 so it was a great milestone marker for me. The second was I wanted something big to help motivate me even more to provide that refreshing information for parents. Read more

I’m a New Mom Blogger - How Do I Break In?

December 2, 2008 by Kelly · 28 Comments 

This note came in this morning:

“Kelly, I’m a brand new mom blogger and it feels like there’s a mom blogger club that I can’t find the join button for. How do I break in and make connections?’

Let me turn this question over to the mom bloggers who read Profitable Mommy Blogging.

When you were new, what did you do to make friends and get your blog known in the mommy blogosphere?

Leave a comment with your ‘get started’ tip. At the end of the day - if we have collected at least a dozen solid tips to help this mom out, we’ll choose one tipster at random to receive $25 in PayPal cash.

(Psst… make sure you use a valid email addy so we can get in touch if you’re chosen for the cashola!)

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