It’s Here: Wordpress 2.7

December 18, 2008 by Alaina Frederick · 2 Comments 

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If you have a WordPress blog, then you have seen that little line of text at the top of your admin area “WordPress 2.7 is available! Upgrade now.” It sits there just screaming ‘click me, click me‘. If you haven’t seen this then go log into your self-hosted admin area now because its there just waiting to be clicked!

Usually I wait about two weeks before clicking that button, but this time on my new business blog I decided to click that button. With all the talk about how different 2.7 was and all the amazing changes I was really scared to click that button.

Would it mess up my theme I had worked so hard to get just how I wanted?

Would my plugins be left tangled and the only option would be to deactivate them? Read more

Twitter Question: What is a Hashtag?

December 6, 2008 by Kelly · 2 Comments 

What is a Hashtag? That’s a great question and proof that our internet world keeps changing. It was not very long ago I had no idea what a hashtag was and now I find them quite exciting to use.

Twitip just published a great explanation of the hashtag today so be sure to go check it out for the full 411.

How do I use the hashtag?

I’m using two hashtags on Twitter right now.  First, I use #mm for any post that relates to the Mom Masterminds website or membership.  Our members also use the tag whenever they talk about MM or invite others to join, etc.  In 2009 this hashtag is going to be increasingly important for reasons I can’t share just yet ;)

Second, I’m using #wahmwish for all posts that relate to the fulfilling WAHM Christmas Wishes, an annual Work at Home Moms Talk Radio tradition.

Turn Your Blog Into A Podcast With Just A Plugin!

November 30, 2008 by Alaina Frederick · 1 Comment 

I am very excited about this new plugin I read about on Lynn Terry’s blog, ClickNewz. I have always wanted to have a way that my readers could listen to my posts. However the thought of having to sit and record each and every post has stopped me time and time again.

Well now with the free plugin from Odiogo I can turn my posts into a podcast. Read more

Using Widgets To Manage Your Affiliate Links

November 18, 2008 by Alaina Frederick · Leave a Comment 

By now I’m sure that you are familiar with affiliate programs and all the great ways that they help you to monetize your blog through text links, content and even graphics.

Oh, how I love graphics. They add color and fun to any blog or website. Many stick to using only text links to send their affiliate traffic on their way. Not this mommy blogger. I use the best of both worlds- text links and graphics on my sidebar.

Actually, most of my affiliate sales originate from my sidebars. While I love all the pretty banners that are found with the affiliate programs- I do not wish to clutter up my blog with tons of banners and graphics that will cheapen my blog and the content.

So what is a mommy blogger to do? Read more

Two Tools Every Mom Blogger Needs To Embrace

November 17, 2008 by Kelly · Leave a Comment 


I used to have a massive list of bookmarks in my web browser containing the websites I wanted to revisit regularly.    I still use bookmarks, of course, to keep track of my own projects and to keep lists of web resources I often refer back to.

Because my digital life is spread out over three different computers and a BlackBerry phone, I keep my bookmarks online now through a Delicious account.

Delicious is a public bookmarking tool, a social network to be exact - but they do allow you to make your bookmarks private if you wish.  I have some public and some private bookmarks.

With Delicious I can ‘tag’ every bookmarked link with words and phrases that help me find what I’m looking for later.

Google Reader

Since more and more web publishers are using design tools that provide readers with a syndication option I now have a huge list of RSS feeds that I monitor through my ‘feed reader’ of choice, Google Reader.

I used to use a desktop reader but again, because I’m not always accessing the internet from one computer, I need something that I can tap from any computer.

Thanks to these two online tools I know I can find what I need and keep up with what I want anytime, anywhere :)

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