Digging in from the top

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Digging In From the Top

by Alaina Frederick on October 23, 2008

Last night I was joined by Berni Dourlain to continue our discussion on blogging.

If you missed our initial interview, catch it here. We decided to start from the beginning leaving the coding and actual setting up of the blog for later but to cover what and to whom you blog.

Forgive if we jump around in talking as my 8 month old son kept distracting us!

Berni: I have ideas of what I’d like to blog about…home improvement ideas, tricks and tips of ways to implement the tools…things like that

Alaina: So is it safe to assume then that you have determined your target readers?

Berni: I guess, but I can change it!

Alaina: Tell me- WHO are you trying to reach?

Berni: Women of course- ones that are the do-it-yourself types…I guess I never thought of who I was writing for in that way. I just wanted to put the information out there…

Alaina: Right, you should always keep your target market… a.k.a. readers in mind when you blog.

Berni: So how do the ‘readers’ find me?

Alaina: Well let me answer that with a question…how do YOU find blogs?

Berni: Many of the blogs I’ve come across will be ones that show up in my Google alerts. I have alerts set so when people talk about Tomboy Tools I know. There have been DIY blogs and different women targeted blogs that have mentioned them. So I’ll read those and comment on them of course.

Alaina: Did you notice when you put in your comment there was an area to enter a URL?

Berni: Uh…yeah. I just entered in my TT site.

Alaina: This is a great way to get links back to your new blog. When you find these blogs and are making comments link back to your own blog. If you are out there reading blogs and leaving comments, others will do the same for you as well.

So how else do you think people will find you?

Berni: I have no idea!

Alaina: Okay I have a question for you- Say you have blogged about all the tricks, tips, home improvement ideas that you can think of off the top of your head. Where can you turn for inspiration?

Berni: I’d probably turn to other DIY websites and blogs…Oh, many times when I’m watching TV especially the DIY network I’ll have my notebook and when they mention good ideas or their 5 minute tips I’ll write them down.

Alaina: Have you heard of PLR articles?

Berni: Uh…….

Alaina: Private Label Rights

Berni: I don’t think so…I know my one friend told me a while ago about writing articles and submitting it places….I read something in a email newsletter I received and that is ringing a bell but I’m not sure what it is.

Alaina: That’s different then PLR articles….but I’m glad you mentioned that. First let me tell you about the PLR then we can go back to submitting articles. The PLR articles are ones that you can buy or sometimes they are offered for free. It is prewritten content you can use to jump start your writers block….just do NOT use the articles as they are. You’ve got to edit them- make them sound like you.

Berni: So if you have to rewrite them then why use them?

Alaina: They are great as a starting point…something to get the juices flowing. They are great for ideas but you need to switch them up and give them a taste of who you are- don’t forget you aren’t the only one purchasing the articles so you don’t want to leave them as is- be different!

Berni: Gotcha…what about the submitting thing?

Alaina: Ah, yes! This is another great way to get traffic into your site. What you can do is write some articles up on topics that are related to your blog- so for you perhaps something on the stereotype that many people have on women, tools, and home improvement. You can even do a number of different versions of the same basic article. Then when you submit it to these sites your article will be published with a short bio at the end with links to you….and others can use these articles on their own sites as long as they keep the credits in tack.

Berni: Ah..okay that’s cool.

Berni: Okay my brain is on overload tonight!

Alaina: I need to get the baby to sleep. We’ll chat again some other day.

So ended our conversation. Lots to think upon. I like this information about using PLR articles that Kelly McCausey has on her website. It really explains things exactly as I would so no need to do that here. Another thing that I want to point out that Berni mentioned was her notebook.

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