Final thoughts from blissdom

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My Final Thoughts from Blissdom

February 9, 2009 by Alyssa

My thoughts from Blissdom seem to be neverending, which is certainly good for you! Be sure to read thoughts from Day One and the first half of Day Two. I wanted to share more from Day Two, including the Branding: You, Your Blog, Your Business session, as well as the Book Deals: The Inside Story session.

Many mom bloggers, especially those just starting out do not realize it but by creating a blog, a look for your blog and a few blog posts you are in the process already of creating your “brand“. And, in addition to that you have the opportunity and the ability to make that into a business, if you so choose.

This can be done through the other things that were mentioned at Blissdom, including affiliate marketing and working with companies, or even through a book deal as I will also touch on.

The main thing you must consider is “What do you want?” Do you want to blog for your sanity, your ability to use your creativity, the opportunity to find and share your “voice” or do you want to blog for the money? Many of the panelists shared their reasons for blogging and their journeys to determining what those reasons were. This journey may be similar for you as well.

A Cowboy’s Wife, shared how she had once made a lot more money than she does now blogging, but she was unable to be true to herself and her voice so she stopped doing so, yet traded in the ability to make more money. This has worked for her, and others too I’m sure. And though she wasn’t clear on how much she makes now, it still sounded like a fair amount from her comments.

Another blogger, Jenn Lancaster, has turned author all because of blogging. She took her memoir style blog and turned it into a book. This was interesting to me, because when I think book deal, I definitely don’t think about my blog. So there is more opportunities for us mom bloggers than one may think.

If you are hoping to be one of those moms who makes money from blogging or something similar online, I have good news for you. As I sat through the many different sessions at Blissdom one thought stood out in my mind, “There are more ways than this to make money online.” How do I know this?

Well, honestly I knew this because I do so, and I learned a great deal about HOW to do so from the owner of this blog, Kelly McCausey, and the ladies of her mentoring group, Mom Masterminds, which I highly recommend you check out if you are wanting to be serious about making money online, and maybe you want to just keep your mom blog, your mom blog, your place to share your life, your creativity and your voice. It can be done.

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