Get your mommy blogging off to a colorful start with epson

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Get Your Mommy Blogging Off To A Colorful Start With Epson

by Alaina Frederick on October 19, 2008

How often have you been sitting on the couch working on your latest profitable blogging post and needed to print something? If you are like me you’d rather be sitting curled up comfy then at a desk. Personally, I will save everything I need to print in a folder so I can later plug my laptop in- Not the best solution.

Now with help from Sparkplugging and Epson you can print from anywhere in the house! Talk about a sigh of relief for the upcoming days of winter when a snuggly bed is the prime area for blogging. When I saw this contest for a chance to win a Epson Workforce 600 I was blown away. Then I noticed it’s not just a printer they are giving away but a whole new branding opportunity with a custom logo from Randa Clay Design!

Here are a few ideas I came up with for using this prize:

  • Business Cards: Design some stellar business cards for promoting your blog that you can hand out- leave with waitresses at restaurants, networking events, potential clients, etc
  • Mommy Cards: Have you meet a wonderful mother while out and struggled to exchange contact information? Print up some colorful contact cards in just seconds with this beauty!
  • Scrapbooking: Latest project lacking that little extra touch? Print out just what your layout needs in brilliant color and in record speed.
  • Marketing: Just think of the new wonders you could create- the sky really is the limits. Newsletters, fliers, and postcards- Oh my!
  • Education: Like things on paper– directions on how to use different features of your blog or a wonderful ebook- print it out and with the highlighter friendly technology you can color code with ease!

So these are by far no where near the capabilities of the printer and what you can do with your own custom logo. What other things can you think of? Let me know! Don’t forget to also post your ideas at Sparkplugging for you chance to win!

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