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Glossary: Chat Rooms

by Mary Lutz on December 18, 2008

A chat room is basically an interactive message board that allows live, online conversation for two or more users. When you use a chat room, whatever you type appears in the main screen next to your login name or handle. Other users will appear in the main screen with their messages next to their handles.

Most chat rooms have a specific topic that everyone will discuss. However, other chat rooms are simply for meeting other people. There are some chat rooms that are designed as intricate 3-D environments, where you select an avatar that will represent you in the virtual meeting place.

Chat rooms are one of the most popular ways to make connections with real people over the Internet. Often they are used for and associated with singles and dating. But, chat rooms are also used for business as well. Have you ever been in the customer service section on a web site and a pop up box appears, asking if you need help or offering help? That’s a type of chat room where you can get live help with the product or services you are researching.

Other places you might see chat-style rooms are on gaming sites, like Pogo and Yahoo Games. When you are in a room playing a game, you have the ability to chat with others in the same room or at your table.

Chatting can be lots of fun and you will probably meet some new and interesting people in chat rooms. But, obviously you have to be cautious too because you never know who you might meet on line!

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