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Glossary: Double Opt-In

February 10, 2009 by Mary Lutz

I’m sure most of you, as mom bloggers, have “opted-in” at one time or another when you requested materials from a website or other blog.

The basic process is as follows:

  • A potential customer requests information from a website and is asked to confirm that they want the information to come to their e-mail address.
  • The potential customer then receives a confirmation e-mail in their inbox. This e-mail requires them to click on a verification link to receive further information.

Once the verification is received, the potential customer will receive the future messages from the mailing list, e-course or autoresponder series.

If you are a mom blogger that sells informative eBooks, eCourses or other material, using the Double Opt-in technique ensures that a potential customer actually wants to receive the marketing materials you’re sending them. It is a way to prevent unwanted spam and your customers will appreciate it!

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