Introducing Stephanie Kellys new intern

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Introducing Stephanie, Kelly’s New Intern

February 24, 2009 by Stephanie

Hi! I’m Stephanie, Kelly’s new intern for Profitable Mommy Blogging.

Like many of you, I am a wife, a mom and a business woman.

In 1997, I married my college sweetheart, Joel. Shortly after our wedding, he found a job in Rhode Island and moved me from rural Arkansas to suburban New England. Over a decade later, I am still amazed that a girl who grew up among wheat fields now lives between Boston and NYC!

In 2003, we began adding children to our Rhode Island home. I never dreamed I would birth 4 babies in 5 years or become the mom of three boys (and 1 girl)!! Laundry, rocks, and trains now fill much of my time and home.

In 2007, I started blogging at Stephanie’s Mommy Brain. Initially I blogged to share stories and pictures of my children with our friends and family. A few months ago I decided sharing stories is fun but I want more from blogging. I want to inspire, motivate and teach women about home management and family life AND I want to earn an income doing it. So…

Now I am growing my blog into a business. A part of that growing process is to learn all I can about combining blogging and business. That’s why I am working as Kelly’s intern at Profitable Mommy Blogging. She has a lot of knowledge and experience to share and I can’t wait to learn!

Please join me during the next 10 weeks as I write about ways to improve our blogs and earn an income from them. If you have any questions or topics about profitable mommy blogging you would like to see covered leave a comment and I’ll do the research for all of us.

Thank you, Kelly, for the amazing opportunity to work as your intern!

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