Interview with mom blog header contest winner barb

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Interview with Mom Blog Header Contest Winner Barb

February 13, 2009 by Tishia

First off let me say congratulations to Barb of Elementary Spirits, the winner of the best mom blog header contest! Her prize? $100 PayPal cash. It touched my heart to find out that she wasn’t accepting the prize but instead donating it to a cause known as The Virtual Food Drive. I asked Barb a few questions for a quick interview.

1. Can you explain what the virtual food drive is?

The Virtual Food Drive came about by President Obama’s speech and the whole climate of change that our nation is entering. We decided that we could do something in our local communities. And as couponers we can help others by donating portions of our stockpile and we can also teach people how to save money.

The Virtual Food Drive is about affecting change in your area. You can gather items from your stockpile and donate to a local shelter or something bigger like organizing your office to do a larger drive.

You can read about the virtual food drive and find out how you can participate in the contest for a WiiFit or $50 gift card by visiting The Coupon Cupboard.

2. How did you get involved with helping?

Toni-Lynn and I put our heads together to see what we could do to help our local communities through our websites and coupon skills. What we came up with was a Virtual Food Drive! She is already hard at work.

You have to read this story of how she bought 316 items for $2.35. She really is the coupon queen. If I win the $100 from the Mommy Blogger contest, I am sending it to Toni-Lynn to shop with as I know she can do much better than I can! I would love to know that my friends were onboard with helping out with the food drive. The goal is to inspire people to donate to their local food banks. Please think about getting involved!

3. What made you decide to donate your prize money to the virtual food drive?

To answer this question Barb gave a quote from the Elementary Spirits site: “My friend Toni-Lynn’s husband has been laid off from the auto industry for quite some time now. It seems like her whole town is. Here in Denver, 6000 more families than expected applied for food stamps last month. Sadly, it is a sign of the times and I am hoping to make just a small difference!”

Again congratulations Barb and what an awesome way to spend your prize money!

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