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It’s Here: WordPress 2.7

December 18, 2008 by Alaina

If you have a WordPress blog, then you have seen that little line of text at the top of your admin area “WordPress 2.7 is available! Upgrade now.” It sits there just screaming ‘click me, click me‘. If you haven’t seen this then go log into your self-hosted admin area now because its there just waiting to be clicked!

Usually I wait about two weeks before clicking that button, but this time on my new business blog I decided to click that button. With all the talk about how different 2.7 was and all the amazing changes I was really scared to click that button.

Would it mess up my theme I had worked so hard to get just how I wanted?

Would my plugins be left tangled and the only option would be to deactivate them?

Normally after clicking the upgrade button there are really no major changes- both to the way my blog looked to the general public and to myself in the admin area. This time I was shocked. The admin area is totally different and changed.

Navigation is on the left in the and names of ‘tabs’ have changed. For example Design is now Appearance. My theme was fine- of course I am using one of the Revolution Two themes and they are ready for the new generation of WordPress.

So what are some cool features- now if a comment needs edited or replied to its super easy to do. The comments can also be threaded too. That may be one of the biggest changes to your readers. They’ll see the set up of your comments and be totally impressed! You can even do a quick post right from your dashboard too. So no more clicking “write”, anything that is right there waiting for me when I log in is awesome! Write from the dashboard, move all the boxes around, and do things your way.

I haven’t noticed anything dramatic in how my plugins function either. I do however have the latest updates on them and they are all 2.7 ready. I’m curious how many 2.3- users are out there. I’d love to be there to see the face and hear the thoughts of someone upgrading from a really ‘old’ version of WordPress to the new, latest and greatest version to come out of the minds of the programing team.

WordPress 2.7 proves that change IS a good thing!

Have you changed?

Have you taken the plunge and clicked that upgrade now link?

What’s holding you back or why did you jump in?

Tell us about it!

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