Learning from those who have been there

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Learning From Those Who Have Been There

December 19, 2008 by Alaina Frederick

As a mother you know that glazed look your friends with no children get when you talk about your trials with potty training, latest place you found peanut butter (and it wasn’t in the kitchen), and how you would never trade in your life with kids for hers. Its a familiar glazed look cause you have had it yourself and now you know when you need to know how to get gum out of hair you will consult other parents that have been there.

It’s the same in the business world, and blogging can be a business. Just read through some of the posts here at Profitable Mommy Blogging and listen to the podcasts and you will understand that there is more to this then just typing and a nice looking blog.

So where do you go to ask for help in the business world? Me- I choose to consult upon the amazing brain power at Mom Masterminds. When I say brain power- I mean it. Some of the biggest names of work at home moms are Mastermind Graduates.

To me, Mom Masterminds is a priceless resource. Where else can I go and feel free to ask any question and get 15+ answers in a matter of hours from those that have been there right where I am now. They get me without the glazed over look. They understand when I say I don’t get it and can you hold my hand and guide me in the right direction. They even know how it is to find peanut butter under the couch cushion- cause the members are moms first!

Beyond the forum, there is a wonderful ‘learning center’ and it’s my favorite part of Mom Masterminds. Here is where I can download a number of tools that otherwise would take me hours to do or find for myself. From blog templates to ebook tutorials, time management tips to social networking, and my favorite, audios- all there to be put to use by the members. The learning center is vital for someone like myself- I understand how to change CSS coding but I am no expert in marketing. Thank goodness the learning center has a whole of slue tools just for marketing and a forum full of members who are experts at just the thing.

It’s a great place to interact with like minded moms an discover your business. Are you a graduate of Mom Masterminds? Tell me how the members area has changed from the original days to now. With it’s complete learning center and active forum- I’d love to know how it has helped you grow and prosper.

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