Marketing your blog

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Marketing Your Blog

December 2, 2008 by April

Whether you’re selling ad space, using Google Adsense, or promoting affiliate links, you’re not going to make much money from them unless you have one key element: traffic. When you increase your traffic, your ads and links are worth more.

So how do I get more traffic to my blog?

The best way to bring visitors to your blog is SEO, Networking & Marketing.

Jessica Smith recently published a series entitled 15 Days of Marketing on her blog at that walks you through various aspects and methods of blog marketing. Each day provides helpful suggestions for both bloggers and entrepreneurs. The lessons conclude with homework assignments to motivate you into taking action rather than just reading.

She starts out on Day One with suggestions on making your blog more PR friendly by adding your contact information, signing up for HARO (Help A Reporter Out), adding some sort of site statistics tracker, and taking the initiative to do some marketing without waiting for a request from a PR company.

The remaining 14 days in Jessica’s series covers topics such as using giveaways to promote your site, using social media like Twitter and Facebook, and finding yourself some Awesome Allies which she describes as people who you can connect with online for brainstorming, advice, promoting each other, and even venting your frustrations.

Regardless of what phase your blog or online business is in, you’ll find some valuable information and resources in Jessica’s 15 Days of Marketing series. And keep watching Profitable Mommy Blogging for an update from me including an interview with Jessica.

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