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February 8, 2009 by Alyssa

Friday night I shared my favorite thoughts from Blissdom09. Yesterday was another action packed and information packed day. I wanted to share more thoughts from Blissdom.

When I found out I was going to get to attend Blissdom, thanks to Mom’s Talk Network, I contemplated whether I would choose Apprentice or Maven tracks and whether or not I’d cross over. I settled on choosing Maven tracks and I am glad that I did.

Yesterday’s tracks were:

  • Affiliate Marketing – More than Just Banner Ads
  • Maximizing Relationships: PR, Marketing, Brands & Ad Agencies
  • Branding: You, Your Blog, Your Business
  • Book Deals – The Inside Story.

My favorite thoughts from each of these sessions include:

For affiliate marketing the main idea that was mentioned time and again was that you must make your affiliate links more organic, meaning a part of the content and context of your blog posts, rather than just sticking up a banner here, or a button there and calling it a day. Your reader’s will eventually just glaze over those type ads, but if you’re authentic with your writing and use your ads within the context of what you’re blogging about they are more likely to click them.

Some affiliate marketing networks the panel suggested to use are:

  • Share a
  • Commission

For the Maximizing Relationships session, the best tip was regarding two more technical items needed by mommy bloggers if they truly want to work with companies either as a blogger or a reviewer of their products, both of which have their perks. These two items are a Disclosure Policy and a Media Kit.

It was highly suggested that you created a Disclosure Policy that can be found easily on your blog outlining your preferences. Do you like to do giveaways? Do you charge for reviews? Answering those type questions will help those in PR to see if they can or cannot work with you.

media kit was another MUST for mom bloggers who are hoping to work with companies. Create one easily by using this template from Mom Blogger’s Club.

These two items will help to give those you are trying to connect with in the area of PR to know more about you and what would work best for your blog if they have something that they can pitch to you for a review of or if they want to recruit you to blog for their company much like the 11 Moms for Walmart. Reviewing products is becoming a popular task for mom bloggers, on that is both beneficial to you as a blogger, as a mom and to the companies as well.

I must point out as a member of Mom’s Talk Network, that there are places like Mom’s Talk that have awesome products as well as the tools you need to promote them. These affiliate programs should not be overlooked by mom bloggers.

Check back tomorrow for more thoughts from Blissdom, in the areas of Branding and Book Deals.

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