My favorite thoughts from day one of blissdom

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My Favorite Thoughts from Day One of Blissdom

February 7, 2009 by Alyssa

Proudly blogging from Blissdom09 as your Ambassador for Mom’s Talk Network. It is exciting, somewhat overwhelming and amazing to be here.  The women here are outstanding, both on the panels and just the other mom bloggers who are here.  There is nothing like meeting a blogger you have read for a long time for the first time.  The connection is unlike any other, which goes to show just how powerful blogging is to us.

One of the statements that stands out to me is one made by The Redneck Mommy in the Maven session on Content and Building your Readership is this, “We are all just women behind computers.” Her point being is that “anyone” can do this.  It should not be intimidating.  We all have a voice that can be heard.  They talked a great deal in this first session about “finding your voice” and “staying true to your voice”.

Other ideas that were pointed to for helping to gain readership were:

  • The importance of networking. Tsh of made the point that we should all not be afraid to network.  Network up, network across and network down.
  • The importance of being consistent. As Amy Clark of pointed out.  You set the pace for your blog, but whatever pace you set be sure that you can keep it up because your readers will come to expect it

These are just some of the highlights from my first session at Blissdom.  I’ll cover more from the Social Media session we also had today and tomorrow’s sessions tomorrow night.  Stay tuned!

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