Obtaining free products for review its easier than you think

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Obtaining Free Products for Review – It’s Easier Than You Think

by Merry on November 13, 2008

Have you ever wondered how blog owners acquire all of the nifty products they decide to review? While many of these items were purchased by the blogger, many were given to them by the manufacturer or vendor.

This happens one of two ways. First, the blogger is contacted by the vendor, who has visited the blog and feels that their readers would enjoy learning about the product. Or, better yet, the blogger contacts the manufacturer and requests a free product!

To try this yourself, draft a short letter of introduction showcasing your blog. Make sure that you also include your mailing address and phone number.

Send it to vendors, requesting a SPECIFIC product that you feel your readers would be interested in. Many bloggers will tell you that they have better luck asking for a specific product, instead of requesting a product in general.

These vendors realize that product reviews generate a ton of interest. So, many are happy to send out a complimentary product in hopes of making additional sales.

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