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Profitable Mommy Blogging #8

Blog Revenue Source: Selling Text Link Ads

by Kelly on November 17, 2008

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There are a few ultra passive ways to earn revenue with your blog and one of them is to sign up for a service that markets text link ads on your site.

There are good opinions and bad opinions about selling links and every blogger should be informed about the possible risks.

Google frowns on it and even threatens to boot your site out of their index if you sell links that pass link juice. This has scared a lot of bloggers away from the business of selling links and I completely understand that.

Link juice is a term generally used to express the amount of page rank given to a page from an external link. Page Rank is the popularity of a page as seen by Google. (Thanks to for the definitions.)

Here is an excellent blog post about just how deeply Google frowns on the issue.

My personal experience with selling text links.

I earn a steady monthly income from selling text links on one of my blogs. I do fear the Google frown, however, the blog I’ve had paid links on for a long time has never suffered even the tiniest bit - so I continue to stay involved and enjoy the revenue stream. [click to continue…]


Two Tools Every Mom Blogger Needs To Embrace

by Kelly on November 17, 2008


I used to have a massive list of bookmarks in my web browser containing the websites I wanted to revisit regularly.    I still use bookmarks, of course, to keep track of my own projects and to keep lists of web resources I often refer back to.

Because my digital life is spread out over three different computers and a BlackBerry phone, I keep my bookmarks online now through a Delicious account.

Delicious is a public bookmarking tool, a social network to be exact - but they do allow you to make your bookmarks private if you wish.  I have some public and some private bookmarks.

With Delicious I can ‘tag’ every bookmarked link with words and phrases that help me find what I’m looking for later.

Google Reader

Since more and more web publishers are using design tools that provide readers with a syndication option I now have a huge list of RSS feeds that I monitor through my ‘feed reader’ of choice, Google Reader.

I used to use a desktop reader but again, because I’m not always accessing the internet from one computer, I need something that I can tap from any computer.

Thanks to these two online tools I know I can find what I need and keep up with what I want anytime, anywhere :)


The Importance of Consistent Posts

by Merry on November 16, 2008

One of the keys to success, when it comes to blogging, is providing your readers with fresh content on a regular basis. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to post EVERY day, it just means that you need to decide on a posting schedule and stick to it.

Many successful bloggers recommend that you post three times a week, while others suggest that you post once a day, Monday through Friday. There is no ‘set in stone’ rule, in regard to this practice. It’s strictly an individual choice.

Since every writer’s schedule is different, only you can determine how frequently you can post to your blog. Even if it’s only twice a week, remember, consistency is the key!

Loyal readers will come to count on the information you provide. If you monetize your blog, writing consistent and somewhat frequent posts means that you will have a greater chance to generate income, as well.

Consistent posting will also typically improve your search engine presence. The more frequent you post, the more your blog will get spidered.

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Cool Contest for WAHM sites!

by Mary Lutz on November 16, 2008

Our friend Kelly, is running a contest on Sparkplugging! There you will see a list of “WAHM” blogs that either teach how to be a WAHM or talk about being a WAHM.

Head on over there now, and check out the links to all the WAHM sites! If you aren’t familiar with one, go ahead and click on it and check it out!

Once you have determined your faves, you vote by listing them in the comments. If you don’t see one you think should be there, go ahead and leave the link in the comment section.

I’m heading over there now to vote for my faves!


Glossary: Back Button

by Mary Lutz on November 16, 2008

One of the buttons on the top of a Web browser. It allows you to “go back” to the previous web page that you were browsing.

Depending on your web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.), the Back Button is usually located in the upper left corner area of your screen. It may not necessarily be labeled, but is probably an arrow. Most likely next to it, is another arrow that points in the opposite direction, which is the forward button (which obviously does the opposite of the back button).

Some webpages may not allow you to use the back button for security reasons and the button may be grayed out. Examples may be banking sites or gaming sites. And some sites may warn you not to hit the back button on your browser and include a back button on their page to use instead.

On the other hand, the back button can be your friend if you need to look at something on the previous page, or simply want to go back :) But, be careful, because if you were filling out a form and then hit your back button, your changes won’t be saved!

So, while the back button can be useful, handy and convenient, use some caution before clicking it!