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Profitable Mommy Blogging #8

A Blogging Tool Comes To An End

by Alaina Frederick on November 16, 2008

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Some of you have heard by now that BlogRush is shutting down, others may be like me and had never heard of BlogRush until people started talking about its sudden end.

So what is BlogRush (…or should I say what was BlogRush)? In order to answer this question I had to do a little digging and I came across a older post that explained what I needed to know! Here are some of the highlights [click to continue…]


Glossary: B2B-B2C

by Mary Lutz on November 13, 2008

Acronyms for business-to-business or business-to-consumer activities. Many websites focus on business-to-business relationships and services (like wholesale suppliers), while others focus on providing services and products to consumers.

An example of a B2B is my VA business. I provide services to other business owners and WAHM’s to help their businesses succeed.

There are TONS of B2C sites out there, but here are a few of my faves:

  • What’s That Smell?
  • Pinch My Salt

As you can see from the above examples, they are mom bloggers who offer a product, service or both.


Finding Focus

by Chris Perry on November 13, 2008

When I started my personal Blog back in 2006, I had vague ideas about what I might want to blog about, but no concrete plan for reigning those ideas in and presenting them in a way that might set my Blog apart or make it a place that readers would want to visit.

Consequently, my Blog never found its audience, and while it has been and continues to be a place I enjoy posting to intermittently when random inspiration strikes, it has never really had the potential for being anything but a hobby.

Some of the ideas I originally had when I started that Blog, however, did have potential. I wanted to talk about and review books and movies. I wanted to help other women find ways to work from home. And, yes, I wanted to see if maybe there might be a way to make some of those things profitable. [click to continue…]


Have you ever wondered how blog owners acquire all of the nifty products they decide to review? While many of these items were purchased by the blogger, many were given to them by the manufacturer or vendor.

This happens one of two ways. First, the blogger is contacted by the vendor, who has visited the blog and feels that their readers would enjoy learning about the product. Or, better yet, the blogger contacts the manufacturer and requests a free product!

To try this yourself, draft a short letter of introduction showcasing your blog. Make sure that you also include your mailing address and phone number.

Send it to vendors, requesting a SPECIFIC product that you feel your readers would be interested in. Many bloggers will tell you that they have better luck asking for a specific product, instead of requesting a product in general.

These vendors realize that product reviews generate a ton of interest. So, many are happy to send out a complimentary product in hopes of making additional sales.


Using Your Blog to Promote Affiliate Products

by Tishia on November 12, 2008

Did you know using your blog to promote products as an affiliate is a great way to not only recommend useful products to your readers but also a way to earn some cash? You won’t make a million bucks overnight but the possibility of earning residual income is key here. Who doesn’t want to earn money that they don’t really have to do ‘anything’ to make?

Some affiliate programs such as the one offered through Mom’s Talk Network Affiliates offer freebie guides you can offer to your readers and you’ll earn a commission when someone downloads the free guide. While it’s a small commission the more important thing is that you are offering something free to your readers. And we all know how everyone loves a freebie.

It can get kind of annoying if all they (your readers) ever see is the ’sales’ letter so to speak. That’s why freebie guides are a good item to promote as well. You’ll be offering them something of value but at no charge to them!

Over at Mom’s Talk Network Affiliates there are three different guides that you can promote for free but earn a commission if someone downloads the guide. There’s Hot Mama Makeover, Find The Time Mama and the newest one Be A Great Mama. There’s even the option to earn commission by promoting the Moms TalkNews newsletter.

And of course aside from the freebie guides there is a wide array of e-books available to promote ranging in price from $5.97 up to $16.97. There are Holiday e-books, business e-books and family ones. Head on over to Mom’s Talk Network Affiliates and sign up as an affiliate if you haven’t done so already. Then don’t forget to grab your codes to promote the freebies!