Profitable Mommy Blogging Episode #1

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by Kelly on October 15, 2008

Welcome to our inaugural episode of the Profitable Mommy Blogging Podcast!

I’ve been podcasting for a long time now – in fact Work at Home Moms Talk Radio is turning five years old in just a couple of weeks. It feels pretty cool to be celebrating such an awesome milestone with one show while launching another.

Guest: Christine Plaisted

Christine of Best Homeschool Place is my guest. Christine is a new mom blogger and homeschooling mother of two looking to monetize her homeschool resource blog and enjoying the opportunity to share her opinion and life with others.

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Topic: Your Blog’s Floor Space

We talked about the importance of using the ‘floor space’ of your blog the best way possible. I compared the sidebars of a blog to the square footage you would receive if you rented out store space at the local shopping mall. If you run a store with 500 square foot of space and fill it up with things you can’t sell – you’re never going to make money. The same is true for your blog’s side bar. Every inch of space needs to be considered carefully.

Topic: Entrecard

Entrecard is a popular blog traffic tool. The way that Christine described it to me it is essentially a traffic exchange and I don’t have a high opinion of traffic exchanges in general – BUT… I would really like to hear from others about their experience with Entrecard. Have you been able to measure and monetize Entrecard traffic? Please leave a comment and tell us about it.

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