I Fired Google

November 1, 2008 by Kelly · 9 Comments 

My Mom’s Talk Network blog has been graced by prominent Google Adsense ads for about a year now and while it has displayed relevant ads - they almost never get clicked.  It’s annoying as heck too because I use Google Adsense on another similar (non blog) content site with less traffic and earn a great stream of income from it.

After checking my stats for October and seeing terribly click stats for yet another month I decided to fire Google and drop the ad units from the website.  I’m choosing to use more of the space to promote my own products and select affiliate programs.

Do you use Google’s Adsense program on your mom blog?  How are your results?  Please do share!

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Glossary: Adsense

October 15, 2008 by Mary Lutz · 1 Comment 

Google’s Adsense Affiliate Program allows bloggers to gain revenue by displaying ads on their websites.

Google provides text, image and video advertisements that appear on participating blogs. These ads appear based on the keywords and content present on the blog. Examples of mom websites/blogs that use Adsense are: Freebies 4 Moms, Moms in a Blog and Work from Home Momma. Go check them out to see how Adsense uses the content on a blog to target other mom’s, parents, women and shoppers!

Adsense has become one of the most popular methods to gain revenue from a website through advertising space. Adsense ads are less intrusive than traditional ads. Since the ads are picked based on the content of the website, the ads are also more relevant than traditional banners.

This is great for mommy bloggers because you know the ads displayed on your blog will primarily be what you write about! So in essence you are choosing what ads are placed on your site.

Bloggers are paid when an Internet user clicks on an ad on their web page. Depending on the ad, the revenue may be a few cents up to a dollar per click. The ads used in Adsense are gathered from participants in Google’s Adwords advertising program.

Since bloggers are paid regardless of whether anything is purchased at the advertiser’s site, it may be tempting for the blogger to click on all of the ads on his or her site. However, Google watches for this type of activity, which is called “click fraud.” If a web page is showing signs of click fraud, a blogger may lose their access to Google Adsense permanently.

Setting up Adsense on your blog isn’t too difficult, so it’s a simple and quick way to perhaps generate some extra money from your blog!

Additional Resource: Adsense Blog

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