Two Tools Every Mom Blogger Needs To Embrace

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November 17, 2008 by Kelly


I used to have a massive list of bookmarks in my web browser containing the websites I wanted to revisit regularly.    I still use bookmarks, of course, to keep track of my own projects and to keep lists of web resources I often refer back to.

Because my digital life is spread out over three different computers and a BlackBerry phone, I keep my bookmarks online now through a Delicious account.

Delicious is a public bookmarking tool, a social network to be exact – but they do allow you to make your bookmarks private if you wish.  I have some public and some private bookmarks.

With Delicious I can ‘tag’ every bookmarked link with words and phrases that help me find what I’m looking for later.

Google Reader

Since more and more web publishers are using design tools that provide readers with a syndication option I now have a huge list of RSS feeds that I monitor through my ‘feed reader’ of choice, Google Reader.

I used to use a desktop reader but again, because I’m not always accessing the internet from one computer, I need something that I can tap from any computer.

Thanks to these two online tools I know I can find what I need and keep up with what I want anytime, anywhere

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