Using Widgets To Manage Your Affiliate Links

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November 18, 2008 by Alaina Frederick

By now I’m sure that you are familiar with affiliate programs and all the great ways that they help you to monetize your blog through text links, content and even graphics.

Oh, how I love graphics. They add color and fun to any blog or website. Many stick to using only text links to send their affiliate traffic on their way. Not this mommy blogger. I use the best of both worlds- text links and graphics on my sidebar.

Actually, most of my affiliate sales originate from my sidebars. While I love all the pretty banners that are found with the affiliate programs- I do not wish to clutter up my blog with tons of banners and graphics that will cheapen my blog and the content.

So what is a mommy blogger to do?

Use one of the many widgets to manage and declutter the sidebar, of course!

My favorite widget/plugin is the Ad Rotator. This widget allows you to enter in your coding for all of your banners and with “” at the end of each it will rotate your banners automatically. Nothing else for you to do- truly simple! So now you can feel free to use all the fun buttons provided to you without the fear of distracting your readers.

Want to see the Ad Rotator widget in action (look at the sidebars!)

Life From My Laptop

Dinker & Giggles

Here are two other neat widgets for rotating content/graphics:

Random Ads

Quote Rotator

Are you using these widgets? Do you know of other rotator widgets? Please share!

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