Using Your Blog to Promote Affiliate Products

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November 12, 2008 by Tishia

Did you know using your blog to promote products as an affiliate is a great way to not only recommend useful products to your readers but also a way to earn some cash? You won’t make a million bucks overnight but the possibility of earning residual income is key here. Who doesn’t want to earn money that they don’t really have to do ‘anything’ to make?

Some affiliate programs such as the one offered through Mom’s Talk Network Affiliates offer freebie guides you can offer to your readers and you’ll earn a commission when someone downloads the free guide. While it’s a small commission the more important thing is that you are offering something free to your readers. And we all know how everyone loves a freebie.

It can get kind of annoying if all they (your readers) ever see is the ’sales’ letter so to speak. That’s why freebie guides are a good item to promote as well. You’ll be offering them something of value but at no charge to them!

Over at Mom’s Talk Network Affiliates there are three different guides that you can promote for free but earn a commission if someone downloads the guide. There’s Hot Mama Makeover, Find The Time Mama and the newest one Be A Great Mama. There’s even the option to earn commission by promoting the Moms TalkNews newsletter.

And of course aside from the freebie guides there is a wide array of e-books available to promote ranging in price from $5.97 up to $16.97. There are Holiday e-books, business e-books and family ones. Head on over to Mom’s Talk Network Affiliates and sign up as an affiliate if you haven’t done so already. Then don’t forget to grab your codes to promote the freebies!

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