What is a blog internship

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What is a Blog Internship?

January 7, 2009 by Kelly

One of the wishes I received during the Work at Home Moms Talk Radio Business Christmas Wish 2008 was from a mom who wished for blog mentoring.

This mom wanted to learn the ropes of blogging. Working with WordPress, developing a good blogging plan, promoting through social networks, etc.

At first I thought the wish was ‘too big‘ to be granted. Then it occurred to me that she would be a perfect candidate for a blogging internship.

I’ve worked with a few interns in the last year or so. My first experience was with a podcasting intern which turned out very well. After that I worked with a couple of VAs who wanted to gain some experience working with an internet marketer.

In each case the situation was win win. In exchange for their project support for a specific period of time, I provided training, coaching and access to valuable learning resources.

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