What Marketers Can Learn from Successful Mommy Bloggers

A mom working from home while her kids are in the background

Last Updated on September 29, 2022 by Profitable Mommy Blogging

A mom working on her laptop while cuddling her baby

Moms are some of the most prolific bloggers. They write and offer advice on different parenting topics—from handling terrible twos to feeding picky eaters. Because of that, they’ve built a thriving industry that allows different kinds of moms to make a living online. And this success of many mommy bloggers tells a thing or two about the value of content—something marketers (and aspiring mommy bloggers) should learn.

Whether you’re a newbie marketer for small businesses or a mom trying her hand at blogging, here are some lessons you can learn from successful mommy bloggers:

Blog monetization is driven by content & site traffic. 

Successful mommy bloggers earn thousands of dollars a month, and they do it through different methods. Most of them make money through ad revenues or running ads on their blog. Affiliate advertising or getting commissions from product sales made through links on their mommy blogs is another stream of income.

Sponsorships bring money, too. That’s when brands pay for ad space or the mommy blogger to talk about them in a post. Other mommy bloggers also earn from selling their own products online, such as courses, printables, or digital planners. 

All these monetization methods tell us one thing: readers are drawn to mommy blogs—and big brands and search engines like Google recognize and reward that. 

Mommy blogs have relatable & valuable content that attracts many users online. They usually write topics close to their hearts (even for sponsored posts). And with millions of mothers looking for that information or relating to that similar experience, successful mommy blogs enjoy high website traffic—and, of course, monetization.

If you’re a marketer, you’re not probably after the direct monetization mentioned above. But you have to recognize that blogging is a great platform to build brand recognition and attract your target readers online. When you do so, you’ll also be rewarded by Google through higher rankings on its search engine results pages.

Competition is fierce so finding your blog niche is crucial.

Starting a mommy blog and writing posts doesn’t automatically translate to thousands of dollars. Successful mommy bloggers have also employed different strategies to build readership. One of such strategies is finding their blog niche.

A mom working from home while her kids are in the background

Choosing a blog niche is crucial because it’ll keep your content focused and help you build a loyal following. There are tons of niches to choose from—including parenting advice, DIY & crafting, budgeting, and health and lifestyle. Take Mom on Timeout, for instance. Instead of writing about DIY tips, mommy beauty, and other different topics, Mom on Timeout focuses on sharing delicious family recipes. That helps the blog attract certain audiences—those who are interested in cooking better dishes for their families.

A niche can also help your site rank for specific keywords and trending searches. That can help your mommy blog be more competitive. With thousands of mommy blogs online, sticking to one niche makes it easier to stand out and build a readership.

The same goes for blogging among marketers. Keeping a blog niche consistent with the brand’s niche helps attract readers who are likely to buy brand products. Take PureSmile, for instance. Since it offers teeth whitening treatment, its blogs are focused on topics related to oral hygiene, dental health, and cosmetic dentistry. If the topics go astray, the website won’t stand out and attract the correct audience for the products.

Blogging consistently takes time and effort.

Mommy blogging is a career, as it takes time and effort to blog consistently. Most successful mommy blogs post weekly or several times a month to keep their website fresh. That doesn’t only help engage their audience but also keep their search rankings high since Google and other search engines prefer newly published posts.

Marketers should be inspired by mommy bloggers’ consistent work. You should ensure blogs on business websites are constantly updated for the same reasons: engaging audience & keeping search rankings high (or improving search rankings). 

The key here is to plan things out. Like some mommy bloggers who follow school calendars when giving parenting advice or depend on seasons when posting about home cleaning, you should also use a content calendar as a guide. Which topics about your client’s niche are suitable to write about in the next few weeks or so? Planning the content calendar and writing the actual post take time and effort, so make sure to include that in your marketing campaign planning for every month or quarter.

Final thoughts: Be inspired by mommy blogging.

As hundreds of real-life parents scour the internet for answers to questions they have about every topic imaginable, hundreds of people are also looking online for a solution or product like your client’s. So go and maximize the power of blogging to help brands and other clients attract thousands of people online and build a valuable readership.


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