Why Wouldn’t You Want to Make Money?

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February 11, 2009 by Kelly

If you write your blog for fun – have fun 🙂

But do you realize that you could be having fun and making money?

It’s true.

I’m having fun right now 🙂 Seriously!

And – I’m definitely making money.

I haven’t sold out – I don’t take one single penny from any advertiser or affiliate program that I don’t have full confidence in.

See, I have a rule – and it goes like this:

If I wouldn’t recommend it to my sister,
I won’t recommend it to you.
And I Love My Sister!

I’ve turned down tens of thousands of dollars in advertising over the years from companies and programs who offer products I don’t believe are good for my listeners. I’ll sell no ad at all before I’ll sell one pixel on my website that would be an embarrassment to me.

It is possible to pursue an income with your interests and passions without compromising your message and values.

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