Moms have taken to blogging like children to chocolate and somewhere along the path to sharing about their lives, families, work and interests many moms realized that their blogging could deliver a payday.

Profitable Mommy Blogging is a podcast for those moms who want to make a buck from their blog.

Brought to you by Mom Webs Hosting and hosted by Work at Home Moms Talk Radio’s Kelly McCausey and – you guessed it – real life Mommy Bloggers.

Meet the mommy bloggers:

April Jones is a single mom to three kids, a Virtual Assistant, and freelancer. She began blogging in 2004 on LiveJournal and now owns several blogs, both professional and personal. In her personal blog, That Crazy Mom, April writes about everything from parenting to politics. April’s is a also a Virtual Assistant.

Gina Badalaty is a web designer, aspiring novelist, and long time blogger. Her Mom Blog has consistently ranked high on Yahoo! and Google for the phrase “mom blog” – Since having Children she’s been a SAHM, a WAHM,a full time employed mom. She is the proprietor of Art By Tech. Gina has two beautiful special needs daughters, has been happilly married for 10 years, and lives in Eastern PA.

Mary Lutz is mother to 4 children, ages 16 to 25, nana to 2 grandsons, Ethan, 2 and Dylan 1 month old! She is married to a meteorologist at the National Weather Center and they make their home in beautiful Northern Michigan. Mary and her husband are both youth leaders in their local church. Spending time with family and friends is one of the most important things in their life, so they spend lots of time at their daughter’s, playing with the grandbabies, playing board games, watching movies and eating pizza.

Mary has been a blogger since 2004 and just started her own Virtual Assistant business in June of 2008, Professional Virtual Business Solutions. You can check out her blog and her VA site.

Mary’s background is not only in the secretarial field (13+ years), but also in title and escrow, mortgage and bookkeeping. Through her experience in those fields, she has acquired the skills necessary in her VA business and for blogging. Currently she is working part time as a bookkeeper for a charter aviation company, but looks forward to the day when she can work from home full time as a VA, a mommy blogger, and an affiliate marketer.

Alaina Frederick is a proud mother to three beautiful little boys. After relocating to the Steel City, she decided to stay home with her children fulltime leaving the corporate banking world behind her. In order to earn money and keep her mind active she created a online natural parenting boutique.

She quickly realized that the time and money put into a product based business was not where she wanted to be in life. After starting a blog to accompany the boutique she discovered blogging was her true passion. So much so that she decided to close the boutique and learn all she could about this new facinating tool. She now is developing her own business for web design, provides Virtual Assistant services and continues to share her love of green at Dinker & Giggles – her first blogging quest.

Chris Perry is an avid reader who has been working in a public library system for over twenty years. Prior to the birth of her first child, she negotiated a telecommute situation and has been working at home as the library’s Webmaster ever since.

Today she is a happy but very busy WAHM who supplements her part-time income with a budding freelance writing career and a home-based candle business. She has been blogging since 2006 at My Miscellanea and has recently started The Candle Corner Blog, which she plans to monetize using the methods explored here at Profitable Mommy Blogging.

Merry Strong is a freelance writer and ‘blogging junkie’, living in mid-Michigan. Her favorite hobby is saving money, which she discusses on her blog and in the e-Book she has written, on that very subject. Stop by and visit her, today!

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