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Earn a $25 Tip: Can a Mom Blogger Grow Into a Community Manager?

Sure she can – given the right bundle of talents. The big questions is, what are those talents? What unique combination of social skill, writing ability and marketing acumen makes someone perfect?

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Did you know using your blog to promote products as an affiliate is a great way to not only recommend useful products to your readers but also a way to earn some cash? You won’t make a million bucks overnight but the possibility of earning residual income is key here.

Some situations have arisen that have encouraged me to once again refocus my time and effort into monetizing my mom blog.

My Mom’s Talk Network blog has been graced by prominent Google Adsense ads for about a year now and while it has displayed relevant ads – they almost never get clicked. 

Marketing your blog

Whether you’re selling ad space, using Google Adsense, or promoting affiliate links, you’re not going to make much money from them unless you have one key element: traffic.

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