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Profitable Mommy Blogging #4

November 12, 2008 by Kelly

My guest this week is Carrie Lauth of Natural Moms Talk Radio and Carrie Carrie has been blogging for several years now and earns a good income from her efforts in the Natural Mom market. Carrie has a lot of wisdom to share with other mommy bloggers. I’m positive that you’ll enjoy this interview :)

Carrie offers an affiliate program with products you could recommend on your blog.

Don’t forget to pick up Carrie’s Natural Mom Guide to Blogging too!

My Entrecard Results…

As I shared last week I opened my mind up to Entrecard and gave it a go this week on Profitable Mommy Blogging. I placed the widget on my sidebar and spent about twenty minutes a day exploring the Entrecard site, dropping my card and buying/selling ads in the Entrecard economy.

The first few days I was a bit enamored. I found some new blogs – that was the best part of the whole experience. But after that, the shine wore off the apple pretty quickly.

Take a peek at my stats…

I hope you can read the graphic above. You can see that Entrecard came in #6 for my traffic referrals with 45 visitors. Having invested approximately three hours into Entrecard, that means I worked five minutes for each visitor.

Look at #8, I received 31 visitors from leaving one single comment on Darren’s blog. Since that comment took me all of two minutes to leave, so I worked about four seconds for each visitor.

Coming in at #10 is TwitterMoms. I have spent about 30 minutes at this site with 26 visitors, my time cost per visitor is just over a minute.

At #1 and #2, Twitter and StumbleUpon generate a lot of traffic for us and produce a respectable bounce rate for social media traffic sources.

Interestingly, Entrecard traffic produced the highest bounce rate. (85% of Entrecard users left the site within 60 seconds.)

I know these aren’t highly scientific results. It is only one week’s experience on one new blog – but I’ve seen enough to know that I’ll always be working harder for a visitor at Entrecard than with other more targeted activities. So, my decision was to turn away the last few advertisers and remove the Entrecard widget from out site. I just don’t see it as being a good use of my time.

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