Twitter Question: What is a Hashtag?

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December 6, 2008 by Kelly

What is a Hashtag? That’s a great question and proof that our internet world keeps changing. It was not very long ago I had no idea what a hashtag was and now I find them quite exciting to use.

Twitip just published a great explanation of the hashtag today so be sure to go check it out for the full 411.

How do I use the hashtag?
I’m using two hashtags on Twitter right now. First, I use #mm for any post that relates to the Mom Masterminds website or membership. Our members also use the tag whenever they talk about MM or invite others to join, etc. In 2009 this hashtag is going to be increasingly important for reasons I can’t share just yet 😉

Second, I’m using #wahmwish for all posts that relate to the fulfilling WAHM Christmas Wishes, an annual Work at Home Moms Talk Radio tradition.

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